Saturday, September 27, 2008

THE FEAST - Sept.22nd, 2008


The Mission has been anticipating this event for some time – even putting-up a new outdoor chapel for the special day. It was in honor of a local priest who has been in service for 25 years. Holy Names Sisters came from all over Lesotho and some from S.Africa. The Bishop was even here. Food preparation went on for days to feed the hundreds that arrived. It was truly an amazing accomplishment and such beautiful teamwork by all.

It started with honking horns and a parade of trucks and animals (fancied-up with ribbons and bows. The horses were galloping around the chapel and the air was filled with trilling, singing and the banging of drums. The children danced, everyone sang, there were prayers and speeches interspersed throughout. The world appeared to be made of beautiful swirling blue blankets. It was a meeting of the traditional Catholic church (with the robes and the habits and the symbolism), combined with the Basotho culture of song and dance, animals, and blankets.