Saturday, August 16, 2008

ANTHEMS - August 4th, 2008

ANTHEMS – August 4th

I think the Lesotho Anthem reflects something about the culture, as our anthem reflects something about the U.S., our history and culture.
The translation goes something like this:
Lesotho, land of our forefathers
Among the countries, you are the most beautiful
It is where we are born
It is where we grew-up
We love it

God, please protect Lesotho
Do away with wars and worries
Oh, this land of our forefathers
Let there be peace
Peace, Rain, Prosperity

You can see in some photos the unusual shaped hats that both the men and women might wear. They are cone shaped. This is taken from a geological formation in the countryside (see photo) of Thabo Bosiu) which has something to do with King Moshoeshoe and his fight to save the Basotho lands. It is a beautiful area!

Another facet of the Basotho history and mentality is represented in The Married Persons Act which came into law in 2006. Basically, this takes women and children out of the position of property owned by the husband or father, and into equal legal status. Prior to this, women could not own property and were passed from one household to another. Children now also have legal protection similar to that in the States. But, as you might imagine, the changing of cultural norms will take its own sweet time.